How James Bond 25 Can Move Past Spectre & Rescue the Franchise

Since the start of 2017, we’ve been actively reporting on a story that continues to slowly develop. In 2015, Daniel Craig made it very clear he was uninterested in reprising his role as James Bond after the release of Spectre. He may have been publicly negotiating for a bigger paycheck but either way, he made it sound like he was developing fatigue for the 007 universe.

For the last couple of years, various actors have had their names thrown into the mix of potential people to don the suit and wield the character’s iconic Walther PPK but the masterminds behind the films seem to be keen on Craig returning. After extensive talks with Craig, it was reported that he signed on for Bond 25. Shortly after, it was officially announced that the untitled 25th Bond flick would hit theaters in November 2019 potentially indicating that someone, regardless of it being Craig or not, has definitely signed on for the project.

A new report from The Sun (who has been actively breaking news on the future of the Bond film franchise) indicates that Craig hasn’t signed on for just one new movie but two which I’m sure wasn’t cheap at all. The star will take on Bond 25 which is being referred to as Shatterhand internally and rumors suggest that the picture will be an adaptation of the 2001 007 novel Never Dream of Dying. The spy novel sees Bond fall for a young actress by the name Tylyn Mignonne who has ties to The Union, a crime organization in the books. For the films, it’s likely they’ll refer to The Union as Spectre or Quantum for the sake of continuity.

Blofeld also took on the alias of Dr. Guntram Shatterhand in You Only Live Twice so it’s entirely possible this will combine both stories into one in a unique way as it also has to have ties to the 26th Bond film which is allegedly a remake of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Previously, You Only Live Twice came after Her Majesty’s Secret Service due to an event that hits home for James Bond but they’ll obviously take liberties with each story so it fits in the canon of Craig’s films.

For the sake of major spoilers we won’t delve into the plot of Her Majesty’s Secret Service but… well it would be quite an interesting and powerful way to send off the Craig’s more grounded approach to the MI6 agent. If you’re interested in getting a taste of what you might be in for, you can watch the film adaptation of the novel from 1969 which starred George Lazenby who only played Bond for the one movie.

Bond 25 AKA Shatterhand’s script is” nearly ready” and is officially set to release on November 8th, 2019 meaning shooting will likely begin towards the end of 2018. The film doesn’t have a director quite yet but some names that are reportedly being considered include the very talented Denis Villenueve who helmed Prisoners, the Academy Award nominated Arrival, and the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049. Another director with an Academy Award nominated film is David Mackenzie who directed the 2016 crime thriller about two brothers robbing small town banks in Texas to be able to addequetly support their family.